Tournament Update | Mayamada Gamepad [02-09-17]


As a new thing I’ve decided to do on here, I’m now going to post updates from any tournaments I enter, as I’m trying to take fighting games (or at least certain ones of them) a little more seriously. Yesterday, I attended Mayamada’s Gamepad event in Bethnal Green, London and entered their Tekken 7 and (of course) BlazBlue Centralfiction tournaments. What I will be doing is putting as much information in as possible, complete with character picks and game/match information.

Here’s how I did:

Tekken 7
Winners Bracket Game 1 | Unplayed, opponent disqualified for non-attendance.
Winners Bracket Game 2 | Loss, 2-0 (Me: Miguel/Hwoarang, Them: Alisa)
Losers Bracket Game 1 | Loss, 2-0 (Me: Claudio, Them: Alisa)

BlazBlue Centralfiction
Winners Bracket Game 1 | Win 2-0 (Me: Celica, Them: Valkenheyn)
Winners Bracket Game 2 | Loss 2-0 (Me: Celica, Them: Hibiki)
Losers Bracket Game 1 | Win 2-1 (Me: Celica, Them: Ragna/Bang)
Losers Bracket Game 2 | Loss 2-1 (Me: Celica, Them: Makoto)

As a summary, I completely sucked at Tekken; but as it was my first time ever playing it, I’m not overly surprised. However, in BBCF I am now much better than I was previously. At the last Gamepad event I went out immediately in the tournament but this time I not only had two wins, but took a match in one of my losses too. In a post-tournament discussion with a good friend of mine, he made suggestions as to how I can improve, and with Revolution on the horizon now, I’m going to damn well try. See you at the next tournament.

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