RTG | Site Update #2


Hello everyone!

It’s really hard to believe, but the site has been here for three months now, with more than seventy posts made already. I’m absolutely loving having this place on the internet to bring all my various pursuits together on, and I hope that people are enjoying (and continue to enjoy) my reviews, streams ad other gubbins I do. But, now I’ve been around a while, it’s time for another small update on changes to the site for now and for the future.

  1. TWITCH | I’m still really enjoying playing games on stream, and am completely sold on continuing to do so. I have recently finished Salt and Sanctuary (review up soon), and am currently trying to decide what to stream on my Indie Tuesday stream going forward. One small change I will be making to my streams is moving my Saturday stream to Sunday, as my Saturdays have been quite busy with tournaments and events and Sunday would be a far better fit. Also, I will be streaming fighting games occasionally on Fridays (not every Friday but will keep updates on Twitter). So, my new Twitch schedule will be:
    [Tuesday – IndiesFriday – Fighting gamesSunday – Main session]
  2. YOUTUBE | I have fallen behind quite considerably with my Highlight uploads, which I will endeavouring to catch up on this week, hopefully getting the majority of it uploaded by the end of last week. My Resident Evil HD Let’s Play episodes will continue to be uploaded at a rate of two per week, and I have a lot more to go. In the future, I will be slowly moving over to doing Let’s Play videos instead of Highlights, but will still be making Highlight Reels of my series of streams.
  3. WRITING | I will continue both posting my own, personal reviews as well as bringing over anything that I write for Nintendo Scene or anywhere else. However, I have decided to remove all review scores from previous reviews and cease using scores in future. I feel that my style of reviewing doesn’t really suit a definitive score as, with a couple of exceptions, none of my reviews really come to a definitive decision about a game and instead attempt to consider the games from multiple points of view.
  4. QOL | One small operative alteration that I will be making to the site is moving my event reports and my tournament reports under one menu instead of events being under “Editorials” and tournaments being under “Editorials” and “Tournaments”. In future, all articles that fall under this sort of ilk will be placed in a new menu simply called “Events”. Hopefully this will make navigation of the site much more streamlined and just an easier experience.

And that is all for now! I hope that all of these changes work out and I look forward to seeing you all soon in one of the various things I do.

See you soon! RTG.

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