MCM Comicon London | Event Highlights


Very late to the party on this one, but it’s time for another event report, this time covering the games at MCM London Comicon on the weekend of 27th-29th October. Comicon isn’t exactly well-known for it’s games, but there’s always been a decent showing to keep gamers happy among the comics, movies, and anime. I actually remember playing Guilty Gear with one of my friends at last October’s event. However, enough about that, what did I play and how was it?I spent the lion’s share of my time around the Bandai Namco stalls, playing practically all of the games that they had on offer. Dragonball Fighterz I have already extensively covered, but needless to say it’s still incredibly solid. Little Witch Academia was a little odd and hard to follow at times, but the Streets Of Rage style gameplay and multiplayer co-op makes for a very interesting experience. Ni No Kuni 2 was utterly beautiful and, being able to play a proper level instead of a top-down strategy one, has really sold itself to me. However, one game stole the show.


Surprising no one, I love Code Vein. The accolade it has been given of being the “anime Dark Souls” is actually and legitimately deserved, which I do not say lightly. Even in this early stage, the game plays very smoothly and looks incredible. It has all the mainstays that we have come to expect from the Souls franchise: farmable resources from enemies that are used as a multi-purpose currency, which is potentially lost upon death; checkpoints you revive from at death; complex and strategic combat; relentless challenge from even the most basic enemies; gigantic and threatening boss fights.

But its what it has that is different that truly amazes me. The constant companion, rather than being a burden or a game-breaking aid, actually gives the game a new dimension of play and makes for a refreshing experience. Your companion can actually give their own life to cure you, which then gives the player an additional reason to keep an eye on their health so as to not overly damage their partner. Furthermore, there is the ability to drag power out of the enemies and activate a temporary state where you have sharply increased power. Needless to say, I’m very excited about Code Vein, I just hope that it doesn’t disappoint.

The other games I only got to have a short play on or a look at. The incredible Cat Quest is entirely up my alley (so to speak) and something I definitely need to pick up. Also, I got to look at anime dungeon crawler Demon Gaze II, and the fact that’s out soon makes me wallet ache. It’s a combination of so many things I love, so I will have to pick it up. Furthermore, Nintendo were present at this event, however they only had games that are already playable public on display. So sadly, nothing new or different for the Big N.

So that was my MCM for October this year. A decent amount of really good games, and furthering the problem this year of having too many games and not enough money to go around. Obviously some of them are higher priority than others, but almost all of them are in with a shot of being added to my collection over the next few months. It’s a good time to be a gamer.

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