RTG | Site Update #3


I thought, with the various changes that I have made over the past few weeks and the changes I am intending to make, that another update on the various things I do was well overdue. It’s my aim, over the following months, to grow my community by shifting times and my content around so that I can fully cater to the audience I already have and increase the potential for others to find the stuff I do. So, what have I changed or am I changing?

  1. TWITCH | I am obviously going to continue streaming as it is something I genuinely enjoy doing. My Tuesday streams of indie games will continue as normal from 6-8pm GMT, and is currently Cuphead (join me for the rage). Thursdays from 6-8pm GMT are now my designated fighting game streams, so come along to one of my Scrub Masterclass sessions. Sundays are still my main stream, currently streaming Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, and will be from 6-8pm GMT.

    The new addition to my Twitch channel will not be every week, but I’m going to run occasional streams on a Saturday daytime. The time won’t be fixed, but the streams will be more fun and relaxed than my normal ones. Also, I’m going to try to get people involved with them too. Keep an eye on my Twitter (@reuthegamer) for up-to-date time information for these.

  2. YOUTUBE | After a brief break, I’m returning to uploading videos every day on my Youtube channel, keeping series separate by at least a day’s break. I’ll be sorting out and finishing my uploads of the highlights of Salt and Sanctuary and DOOM over the next month, and my new series of Super Metroid let’s play with Conro will start going up this week. Also, my videos will now, as of today, begin uploading at 10pm GMT instead of 12pm. I hope you can still catch them, and hope you’re enjoying my current ongoing series.
  3. WRITING | Much alike the Youtube changes, my articles on this site will go up a little later now at 2pm GMT. This is to bring all of my content into a consistent output throughout any given day. I hope that you continue to enjoy my writing, as it’s possibly my favourite aspect of what I do.
  4. QOL | No changes at this time.

That’s all she wrote for now. I hope that you still enjoy everything I’m doing and, as ever, if you have any comments feel free to drop them on this post or tweet me @reuthegamer.
– RTG.

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