News | Isaiah The Specialist Comes To Brawlhalla!


For those that don’t play it, Brawlhalla is a free-to-play fighting game on Steam and Playstation 4 that borrows more than a little from Super Smash Bros. Developed by Blue Mammoth Games, who recently announced that they were joining Ubisoft, the game has seen countless refinements and additions since its initial launch every Wednesday.

As today is Wednesday, there has been another update this time bringing another Legend to the already wonderfully diverse ranks; Isaiah, the Specialist. This character is a Cannon/Blasters Legend so expect quick and nippy combos followed by incredibly heavy hits and blasts for the knock out. Also launching with Isaiah are three alternative skins for the game; Shadow Ops, Task Force, and Section Zero, all of which come with their own weapon skins.

As per normal, Isaiah can be purchased with in-game gold, or with premium Mammoth Coins, and the skins can only be acquired with the latter. If you happen to have the Founders Pack, Isaiah will be available to play with no additional charge at all (of course).

Play Brawlhalla right now on Steam and Playstation 4.

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