News | More Merch Coming From Numskull, This Time With More Deadpool!


I’d like to start with saying that this is not a paid article of any kind, I’m not receiving any monetary compensation, nor am I receiving products from Numskull Designs. I’m covering this because I personally love what Numskull Designs have done in the past and continue to do and to help out, in any way I can, one of the most pleasant guys in the industry. Got it? Right, onwards then.

Numskull Designs have recently announced an officially licensed Deadpool headstand! Perfect for displaying hats, headphones, PS VR headsets and more, or simply using as a decorative ornament, this is the ultimate collectable to tie-in with the upcoming launch of Deadpool 2.

The Deadpool headset launches on 9th May and is currently available for preorder online from the Numskull Designs website. If you don’t fancy going direct for whatever reason, it will available online through Amazon and in stores internationally too, so you really have no excuse to not get it if you’re a fan of good ol’ Mr Pool.

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