RTG | Site Update #4


It has been a little quiet on here in recent times hasn’t it? In fact, it has been almost a month since I last updated the site, and I apologise that it has been so long a wait for you all to get more of that RTG goodness. I thought I would take this brief respite from how hectic my life has been to write a small update, just so you all know that I haven’t forgotten about you.

I am now Editor over at Rice Digital, so that has sapped away a lot of time, especially the time that I would have spent continuing the RTG stuff that you have grown to tolerate. This has meant a house move, as well as an employment shift, and has resulted in no internet at home (as ISPs are all, pretty much, bellends). So, until I get internet back, I can’t do streams, or Let’s Plays or most of the things I enjoy.

This will change, of course, as I’m getting the internet towards the end of the month, which means I can get back on all of that content. With this I have the continuation of the Bloodborne playthrough with EnotheStrife (watch it so far here), the start of a Dark Souls Remastered playthrough with him too, and the return of regular fighting game streams on my channel (and guesting on others’). So, once they who shall not be named get off their asses, you’ll see me again on my channel.

However, if you keep an eye on the Rice Digital site and on the social channels, especially their YouTube, you will start to see me more often and with editing and production values you will have never seen before! I have some pretty interesting stuff coming up for the site, and with me at the helm, I’m aiming to expand and grow the site’s reach and audience. So, join me on the journey won’t you?

Oh, and I’m playing NieR:Automata at the moment, expect a review of that pretty soon, along with pieces on Raging Justice, Fox N Forests, and Cat Quest.

See you all soon,



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