Feature | Best Moments Of E3 2018


E3 is a lot like Christmas. You rarely get what you asked for, it’s full of awful dad jokes, sports are always there for some reason, and it’s not really happening until somebody cries. E3 2018 has had the full monty; from the awful jokes of the Bethesda conference, to people crying over a kiss in the trailer for The Last Of Us – Part II. I watched, for better or worse, the whole thing and thought I’d compile my Top 5 things from the whole set of conferences (even though mine are all games).

5 – Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

As might have come to your notice, I’m a fan of Fire Emblem, and I was waiting with baited breath for more information from Nintendo during their showcase for their Switch iteration of the famed strategy series. I did not leave their showcase disappointed, in fact, I left impressed by pretty much everything I saw.

The in-game visuals appear to be back in the vein of the last console Fire Emblem game, Radiant Dawn, except with added elements such as the battle sequences having little groups of soldiers battling around the units locking blades. The art style of the characters is beautiful and with some gorgeously fluid animation. If Fire Emblem Three Houses turns out as well as it looks at this point, then Spring 2019 is way too far away.

4 – Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition.

I never got to play Tales of Vesperia. It was on a games console that I didn’t have, and when brought to a console I did have, it remained solely in Japan. As I’m a fan of the Tales series, and people have long told me that Vesperia is the best title in said series, I’ve been waiting for a remaster of some description on modern hardware.

It would appear that Bandai Namco were listening to my unspoken wishes as they revealed the Definitive Edition during the XBox E3 conference, and now I will get to play the game that I’ve wanted to play for years. It has been revealed too that this edition will be based on the originally Japan only PS3 version, so a lot of the exclusive content to that version will finally be available in the West too! Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition graces us with its presence in Winter 2018.

3 – Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

So, we have finally seen what From Software teased last year, and it looks incredible. Set in feudal Japan, with a character who has essentially what looks like a trick arm, and very ‘Dark Souls’ style combat by the looks of things. If I were a betting man, I’d place a small fortune on this being From Software’s attempt to kill off Dark Souls closest rival, Nioh.

What I’ve heard since the trailer reveal only leads me to be more intrigued, as they have confirmed that the game will be action-adventure so will be missing the RPG elements of From’s other key franchise, which should streamline the experience considerably. Also, this means that there should be a considerable focus on timing and patience. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will be slicing things up early next year.

2 – Devil May Cry 5.

If you had told me, before E3, that there would be not only one but TWO games beating the new From Software game in a Top 5, I would have accused you of witchcraft. But, the sheer energy and pacing of the trailer, the excellent new character in the rough-talking Nico, and the impressive visuals of Devil May Cry 5won me entirely over.

Then, there’s “that” song. I have listened to ‘Devil Trigger’ so many times since seeing that trailer that the recommended page on Youtube for me is almost entirely made up of versions of the song, or mixes containing the song. An incredibly well-made trailer by a Capcom that I had genuinely started to lose faith in. Devil May Cry 5 is due in Spring 2019.

1 – Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Well, aren’t I just predictable? After I posted that Resident Evil 2 Remake had won E3 2018, there was only one thing standing in the way of this being an actual statement and not a joke, and that was Nintendo, but they didn’t show anything that was capable of knocking this goliath off the top spot.

The game just looks incredible, and I’m excited to return to Raccoon City to explore the various locales of the city-wide outbreak again. Leon, Claire, and the rest of the cast seen so far look great and the over-the-shoulder camera angle will give the opportunity to see more of the environments than ever before. Also, they announced a deluxe version with an Elza Walker outfit for Claire. Just bring on January so I can get my not-yet-infected mitts all over this game.

So that is my Top 5 games of E3, I have to give honourable mentions to Kingdom Hearts III (pirates!), Skull & Bones (more pirates!), and SpiderMan (sadly no pirates!) for all looking awesome, and making this list as hard as it was to write. What did you think of E3? Do you have favourite games or announcements? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter.

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