RTG | Site Update #5


Okay, now I’ve been slipping a little in my responsibilities. I now have internet, but I have been wilfully ignoring my site, my channel and my followers. It’s time to remedy this, and post-haste too!

Rice Digital |

I’m still Editor over on the site, that hasn’t changed, so you can still find me writing articles, news, and on the socials over there. Also, you can find me on the Rice Digital Twitch every Tuesday and Friday at 3pm BST; the former I stream whatever I fancy, and the latter is always a fighting game of some description, so make sure you tune in.

Also, I’m going to start transferring over my reviews from RD to this site too, just so that I can keep everything in one place for those that just want to follow me specifically. However, these reviews will be up on RD first, and for at least two weeks before I bring them over, so make sure you keep an eye on Rice Digital to catch my reviews first.

Youtube |

My YT channel has faded to nothing so I’m going to get back on top of getting all of the footage I have laying about all over the place up on the channel in Let’s Play format. Also, I’m working on redoing all of the channel art, logos and thumbnail layouts; so bear with me whilst I get that all sorted and perfect again (more on this later).

Twitch |

My Twitch channel is back up and running, with streams happening every Thursday and Sunday, with the Thursday streams starting at 7:30pm BST and the Sunday starting at 5pm BST.

At present the Thursday streams are ‘Three’s A Crowd In Lordran | Dark Souls Remastered’ in which AkibanaZero and EnotheStrife are joining me for a triple playthrough. The Sunday streams are ‘Hustling In Kijuju | Resident Evil 5’, with EnotheStrife and I co-op playing the whole game.

Much alike the YT channel, I’m currently working on new channel art and the like for this channel too, so bear with me while I get it all done.

Reviews |

I’m working on several reviews, some of which I’m STILL working on, that will be exclusive to this site (as they can’t be covered on Rice Digital for various reasons) of games that I have been playing recently, including …
– Cat Quest (NSW)
– Killer Instinct (XBO)
– NieR:Automata (PS4)
– Runbow (NSW)
– Sonic Mania Plus (NSW)

These will be uploaded at a rate of (hopefully) two per week, with the first one going up in the next couple of days, so look out for that. 🙂

That’s it for now. There will be a lot changing in the coming weeks and I should be getting back on top of this nonsense pretty soon. I don’t quite know how I managed to juggle this and a full time job now that something like this is my full time job. I won’t lie though, I kinda love it. RTG.


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