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E3, otherwise known as Gamer Christmas™, is upon us again along with all the hype, leaks, and cringeworthy conferences. So, I’ve been thinking about what I would want to come out of the showings this year, discounting EA because who really gives a flying fuck about them? Although seriously, I’m feeling Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, don’t you dare fuck this EA.

As such, I just wanted to quickly go over what I wanted from the showings of Microsoft, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Square Enix, Devolver Digital, and Nintendo. I won’t keep you too long, just a couple of things for each, along with their show times in UK time for your convenience.

Right? Right.

Microsoft – Sunday 9th, 9pm

  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps release date

This is honestly a given in my opinion. Ori and the Blind Forest is one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had on my Xbox One since I got it, and I’m dying for more of that adorable cutie.

In fact, Microsoft could very easily just reveal the release date for this title and I would come away from this conference happy. That is unless they revealed something else…

  • Killer Instinct 2

Before I go on, this doesn’t have to be a sequel at all, just returning to support the original title. The rebirth of Killer Instinct on Xbox One pretty easily stands as one of the best fighting games of this console generation, if not of all time.

A sequel though, especially if it builds on the incredibly successful model established by the first game, and in a post-Game Pass world, would be incredible with a high player base too.

Bethesda – Monday 10th, 1:30am

  • Doom Eternal release date

Seriously, just hook this shit up to my veins until I explode, as would likely be a punishment from Doom Guy anyway. As the first game pretty much blew me away, I’m incredibly stoked to get a new one in the series.

This is especially true if the issues I had with the original are ironed out in the sequel. Bethesda, if you’ve ironed out the pacing and repetition problems, you have one buyer right here.

  • Reveal a new Dishonored title

For all of their faults, the two (or two and a half if you’re picky) Dishonored titles are amazing and utterly unique-feeling titles. The only thing that they’re missing really are more of them, especially because this opportunity can be used to enhance things.

I wouldn’t mind here whether it is a sequel to the others, which I don’t feel is needed but would be great, or not but it would be great to see another title in the series regardless.

Ubisoft – Monday 10th, 9pm

  • Child of Light 2

Now, I know that they have previously ruled out the existence of this, but we all know that PR do (and often have to) lie to protect against leaks and reveals out of sync, so I’m still holding out hope for this not only existing but being on the way.

The first title enthralled me so much that I pretty much forgot most of the time that I was playing a game by Ubisoft, and given my usual “meh” view of a lot of their games, that’s really saying something.

  • Bring back Prince of Persia

Dodgy Jake Gyllenhall film aside, the Prince of Persia series has been consistently great, in fact, I even loved the 2008 “reboot”. As such, it has been a little annoying that the series has been silent for more than a decade.

I honestly wouldn’t mind if the games took the vein of the “reboot” or where closer to that of the phenomenal Sands of Time Trilogy again, I just want to return to silly wall-running time nonsense please.

Square Enix – Tuesday 11th, 2am

  • A Chrono Trigger remake or remaster

We know, Square Enix, you recently gave us a version of this on Steam and we rejected it outright as a fanbase, but that is kind of your fault for thinking we would readily accept such an utterly garbage port of the game. Especially considering how great it is.

This is your chance to make things right. Don’t mess with anything, especially from a gameplay or narrative perspective, just give us the game we know and love, but prettier. But on this note …

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake release date (or Part One anyway)

To quote that odd meme that’s unnecessarily popular, “it’s been 84 years”, just please just give us this game please so that we can begin picking it apart, over-explaining to others why the original is better, and just generally hating it more than it deserves.

All joking aside, I just want to see how this project has turned out after so long of being incredibly hesitant about it as an idea. Just give me more of Biggs and (almost) all will be forgiven.

Devolver Digital – Tuesday 11th, 4am


I do not care about the rest of the conference, as good as the games you publish actually are, just give me more of the baffling story that you have been giving us over the last couple of years. I did despise it initially, but like any great thing, I’m now heavily invested.

From the frankly bizarre and self-referential nature of the conferences to the unexpected gore and hilarious scripts, your slot has become a solid highlight of mine, so just more of the same please.

  • Metal Wolf Chaos XD release date

If I had to pick a game though, we have heard nothing about this title since last year and I don’t think I’m alone in wanting it, or at least in wanting to know more about it. I know that it’s technically just a remaster, but I was intrigued just from that minute long trailer.

Oh and THAT TAG LINE, Mech America Great Again, is pure, undiluted genius that deserves a Nobel Prize or something. To be honest though, just the first pick here would be enough.

Nintendo – Tuesday 11th, 5:00pm

  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions on Switch

I cannot be the only one that wants this, right? I missed the original release on Wii U, as possibly the only release I wanted and didn’t buy, and I’ve never seen anything out there that would suggest that this title isn’t so far up my street it’s painful.

The game has an odd fascination with music too, if the Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei stuff wasn’t enough. Also, the weird demon/spectre Chrom design is gloriously dumb.

  • Kid Icarus: Uprising 2

Now hear me out, this is the perfect time for a sequel to Kid Icarus: Uprising. Sakurai has already said that the DLC characters for Smash Ultimate have been decided on, and so surely he could be spared to work on a new game with the plucky angel?

One small request, please make the game a little more accessible. By this I don’t mean in terms of difficulty, more that making a title where it’s not insufferable to play left-handed would be a bonus.

Bonus Pick – Dino Crisis Remake

I know I said this before, but that just shows how much I want this to happen. I want to be back on the island with Regina and the hapless (and often useless) members of her team. I want to hide in fear that a Tyrannosaurus Rex is going to burst through the wall and eat me.

More than all this though, I just want to see what the RE Engine and the mind of modern Capcom could do with this underrated (but simultaneously much loved) PSOne title. Give me dinosaurs Capcom, you know you want to.

That’s my picks, but what are yours? What would you love to see at E3 2019? Let me know in the comments, or on Twitter!

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