RTG 2020 Update – #1


The eagle-eyed among you, or whatever the listening version of that might be, will have likely noticed that things have started changing around here. For one, my upload schedule to this very site has become somewhat regular in comparison to a large portion of last year. On top of this, you have likely noticed that the visual design has changed too. Allow me to explain.

This, among other things, is part of a complete rebrand of myself as a writer and creator. It’s something I have carefully considered and worked over the last month or so to make a reality. This is all with the end goal of being able to do what I enjoy doing full time again, although this time under my own terms and with my own drive – I try to learn from my mistakes.

Not to be too candid, but this was entirely necessary for my mental health and to ensure that I continued to write about games after certain events from 2018/2019, which left me very much alone and incredibly depressed. I’m not being hyperbolic when I say that this resulted in a loss of confidence in my ability to write and almost killed my love for the industry entirely.

Needless to say, I needed a fresh start.

So here it is … my new logo. I wanted to keep the crown motif for sentimental reasons (and because I love it conceptually), but made moves to make my design slicker overall. Furthermore, I made the decision to move away from the harsh red and settled on a warm purple. The colour makes me far happier simply to look at, and the purple also ties into the regal aesthetic.

It doesn’t stop there, as I’ll be coming back to Twitch and Youtube too, with the latter seeing pretty much a nuclear purge of everything and the beginning of a new and more focused channel. Only videos I’m particularly proud of – or series that I personally enjoy watching back – will survive this purge. I just don’t feel like everything on the channel is even close to my best work.

With Twitch, I’m making a full return, complete with three streams per week:

Tuesday 8pm – Oh Lawd They Comin’ – Cat Boy Party Season 1

Tuesdays will see the return of my raucous Free Company in Final Fantasy XIV for a couple of hours each week, with the sessions being divided into seasons of eight streams each, and the best moments of each season being turned into a Youtube video. Expect swearing, constant innuendo, and a not insubstantial amount of faffing about. Miaow.

Wednesday 8pm – RTG’s Variety Hour
Wednesday will be my variety stream each week. This might be a series of streams of the same game, or a one-shot of a title, but will be my chance to play whatever the hell I want once a week for a couple of hours. I will endeavour to upload these in their entirety to Youtube, but obviously might get fucked over by the platform’s shitty, well, everything.

Sunday 8:30pm – CODE VEIN Co-Op Salt Stream with AkibanaZero
As has been the case for a couple of months now, I will be continuing my collaborative streams with the incomparable AkibanaZero over on his Twitch channel. Code Vein is always a salty and yet enjoyable experience and hopefully this collaboration with one of my good friends will continue even after we have finished the game.

Final update for the RTG brand is that I will be kicking off a podcast that is planned to go live every other Friday evening. The name of this project is “That Fucking Gaming Podcast” and will be a roundtable discussion every two weeks of gaming news with a particular focus on unpopular opinions. My constant partner-in-crime will be my good friend Will, with a different third host each time to keep our various terrible opinions fresh.

I wanted to close by thanking everyone who has supported me in any way in the past two years, whether you know me in real life, through to those that have found me through my time at Rice Digital or my writing for other outlets such as The Sixth Axis or The Digital Fix. All of your kind words about what I do has kept me doing this. I really love being part of this industry and couldn’t do it with your support.

Thank you to you all, and gods help you all when Breath of the Wild 2 lands.
RTG xo

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