RTG 2020 Update – #2


This whole lockdown thing is incredibly fun isn’t it? There’s only so much that can be done within four walls, and needless to say that I’m doing a lot of gaming in the interim. Although, this means that I’ve been continuing the noble pursuit of entirely ignoring my backlog in lieu of buying new games. What the lockdown has done though is mess with most of the plans from my previous update, so I thought a second update was in order.

The complete rebrand of myself as a writer and creator is going pretty well so far. I have a lot of work still to get to where I want to be, and a fair amount of skills I’m still missing, but I’m incrementally improving in the things that I do (and trying out new things). My end goal of being able to do what I enjoy doing full time again remains, despite how shaky that is looking in the wake of all of the changes that are happening right now.

So what has changed?

I’ve had to drop the uploads to the site to one a week instead of two, as I simply don’t have the mental energy at this precise point in time. This will likely change in the future, and will not impact my articles for other sites, but roughly one per week is what I’m gunning for at the moment. This being said, I’m currently drafting a second article for this week after this one, so please look forward to/intensely dread that.

Also, owing to internet troubles, I will not be returning to Twitch. So, unfortunately streams will be on hiatus indefinitely. However, the return to Youtube has already started with the previously mentioned nuclear purge of everything underway, and the transference of the older videos will form the early part of the content for the channel. But that won’t be the only content I’m going to put out on this new creative venture:

NOTE: This has not altered my Sunday evening streams with AkibanaZero on his Twitch channel. These will definitely still be going ahead.

first 30
The first of my new content ideas, where I will play the first 30 minutes of gameplay of basically whatever game I fancy. These will likely be the games that I wouldn’t want to commit to playing as a Let’s Play over a longer period, or will be released to coincide with an embargo on a game I’m reviewing. I was a little late with it, and the editing isn’t quite there yet, but you can find the first30 on Bravely Default II‘s recent demo right here.

Swearing Through
Does pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. ‘Swearing Through’ is my new sets of Let’s Play series, kicking off tonight on my Youtube channel with part one of Swearing Through Resident Evil 3. These will be roughly 20 minute episodes, released every 3-4 days with my typical bad language and terrible gameplay over the top. Not sure where I will move to after Resident Evil 3, but expect it to be a fun ride each time.

Older content transference
The best of my old channel, put back through Premiere Pro and re-released, this will be a few of my old Let’s Play series brought back for a new audience. I haven’t nailed the definitive list of what will be returning, but at the moment it will be: Super Metroid ft. Conro, Bloodborne ft. Enothestrife, Resident Evil ft. Conro, and (of course) Dark Souls Remastered ft. Enothestrife and AkibanaZero. I’ll use this to plug gaps as there’s a lot of it.

‘That Fucking Gaming Podcast’ is still on the way despite various problems and pitfalls blocking progress. It will still be a roundtable discussion every two weeks of gaming news with a particular focus on unpopular (read: terrible) opinions. My constant partner-in-crime will still be Will, with a different third host each time to keep our various bad opinions fresh each episode. The first of these being being the incredible AkibanaZero.

That’s my second update of 2020 done. I genuinely hope that you enjoy the content that I’m going to be putting out on Youtube and genuinely appreciate all of your support whether through here, my various channels, or on the other sites that I write for regularly.

Thank you to you all, and please stay safe right now.
RTG xo

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