RTG Update 2021 – #1

Editorials, News

It has sure been a while, hasn’t it? I haven’t written anything on here since April and haven’t done an update since last year, so it has definitely been some time. I had to take a break from games writing in general for a spell to tackle semester two of university and honestly, I missed it. So, I wanted to take a moment to update you all on all the changes that have occurred since our last update (there’s a lot).

As there’s a fair amount to get through, I’m going to divide it up into the main components:
– Writing and the site
– Podcast
– Streaming


I’m genuinely wanting to commit to updating this page more, whether that means transferring across work from other places, or writing unique pieces for this site. So, I’m going to start putting something up on here every Friday, whatever that content happens to be. The consistency will really help ground me, I think, especially considering how unstable my life is right now.

Also, I’ll be changing the look of the site over the next week to match the softer colour palette that you have possibly already seen on the Twitch channel (more on this later). I just wanted a change from how harsh the purple and black design was and I’m so much happier with the newer palette.

In other writing news, I have joined the team at TechRaptor, with content due to start coming out over there shortly – once I start having ideas to pitch to them. Hopefully, starting there will be the beginning of a beautiful working relationship with the site, so watch this space. I will be continuing to write pieces for The Sixth Axis, as you would expect, with a couple of pieces incoming over the next week or so.


You all likely know by now that I co-host the Queers At Play podcast with the incredible Marc James, and we’re now in the midst of Season 2 of the show. This second season is focusing on guest hosts with a huge variety of incredible guests on lock for the main episodes and various specials we have planned.

We’ve already released 3 main episodes for Season 2 (featuring World Building Stream, joeywh1te, and nintenmau5 respectively), along with our Pride Month 2021 Special with C3nric and ctrlaltcookie, which you can find on any podcast platform or here. Season 2 has been a blast already and we have so much more planned, with an episode coming each week of June, so hopefully you all enjoy that.


I have finally returned to streaming after a two year hiatus! It’s been a fun old ride already, and I’m already more comfortable and happier with streaming than I ever was before. I’m back on the Twitch channel, and I stream twice a week over there at the moment on Thursdays and Sundays with this week’s schedule above, which might change in subsequent weeks but I’ll post about this on Twitter every Monday.

On Thursdays, I’m streaming a full play through of the first Ace Attorney game, so expect dubious legal practices and fabulously dumb key witnesses. Then on Sundays, I’m running more chilled streams with Fortnite being my main focus at the moment. Across all of my streams, I have a Boyfriend Counter as an in-stream game, where confirmed sightings of my partner add to the counter on screen with the goal of 20 resulting in him joining me on a Fortnite & Chill stream.

As well as these streams, I will be regularly be jumping on the streams of other excellent content creators throughout the week. One confirmed slot is the weekly Friday stream with the incomparable Kory over on his channel, where we will be playing Bloodborne in co-op. Also, I’ve recently formed a Fortnite team with a few other content creators, so there may be fun streams arising from this too.

That’s it for now, I think. There’s a lot going on with me right now, and I honestly thank you all for sticking with me throughout this journey and for any engagement you make with any of the content I’m linked with or produce. I love you all, and I’ll touch base with you again soon! xo

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