Review | Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth (3DS)

The Persona series has always been my shame, a series of critically acclaimed titles that I know I would intensely love, if I would only sit down to play them – after finding the pre-requisite time, of course. In true exasperating fashion, my first dip into the series outside the phenomenal Dancing games is this – a spin-off cross-over dungeon crawler.

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Review | Persona: Endless Night Collection (PS4)

I love the music of Persona, despite having not played the games themselves, so I’ve been almost disgustingly excited for Persona: Endless Night Collection. The ability to finally play the popular Persona 4: Dancing All Night properly (i.e. for more than a couple of songs), as well as the dancing spin-offs of both the third and fifth games, was something I simply could not pass up.

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