Feature | Eight Games That Really Need A Remaster


Certain games really do endear themselves to you and never let you go. For me, one of those games was the phenomenal Parasite Eve and it’s sequel. So, with constant leaks and news about trademark renewals for iconic franchises, like that Square-Enix one for Parasite Eve, I got a little too excited by the prospect of another game in the series or a remaster/remake of the originals. 

Feature | SNES Nintendo Switch Online Games I Want To See


As reported by various outlets recently, there has been a datamine made into the retro library attached Nintendo’s online service, which revealed a potential list of SNES Nintendo Switch Online titles.

However, despite that list hitting several high points, with F-Zero, Super Mario All Stars, and Super Metroid, I couldn’t help but think that some games were missing. On that note,  how about out some of my favourite SNES games that I want to come to the service.