Review | Dark Souls Remastered (PS4)


This review was originally posted on Rice Digital on May 25th, 2018.

It’s difficult where to begin with reviewing a remaster of any game. Do you focus on the differences between the original and the new fangled version? Do you treat the game as a totally fresh entity, or do you judge it in the light of its legacy? Speaking of which, Bandai Namco are soon to release Dark Souls Remastered, the remaster of the 2011 arguable modern classic. But how does the game stack up on modern hardware?

Let’s Talk About | Bloodborne – Five Tips For New Hunters


In case you might have missed it, Bloodborne was released recently as one of this month’s free games as part of the Playstation Plus rewards. Bloodborne is an, at times, incredibly challenging game pitting your skill against often insurmountable looking odds. The gothic Victorian setting, smatterings of Lovecraft and frantic, feral combat set it apart from it’s cousins in the Souls series; but it’s undeniable that it has retained the core of difficulty despite the momentum shift. So, if you are making your first journey into the cursed streets of Yharnam, welcome and I hope that the following five beginners tips help you to “git gud” (I really hate that term).

Review | Salt and Sanctuary


I have a rather large love for the Souls franchise; in fact, I would probably go as far as to call it more of an obsession insofar that I also hunt down games that are referred to by mainstream media as “Souls-like”. I won’t lie when I say that the lion’s share of these are terrible attempts at replicating a formula that have entirely missed the point of the formula itself (Lords of the Fallen, looking at you), but occasionally a game comes along evidently takes pointers and inspiration from the Souls franchise then alters and manipulates it into something new. Enter, Salt and Sanctuary (reductively known by some games “journalists” as the 2D Dark Souls).