Review | Pokkén Tournament DX

So far, 2017 has been a phenomenal year for Nintendo but most importantly the Switch. We have seen both new titles gracing the new hybrid and a few fantastic Wii U titles being brought over to the Switch. Needless to say, given the arguable lack of success of Nintendo’s asymmetric gameplay console, giving some of the games of the Wii U another shot at gaining the audience they deserved is a fantastic idea. The latest example of this to come out of the Big N is Pokkén Tournament, which is receiving a DX (I assume short for Deluxe) version, Nintendo’s Pokémon fighting game. But how is the Switch update for the fighter? Continue reading “Review | Pokkén Tournament DX”


Tournament Update | Mayamada Gamepad [02-09-17]

As a new thing I’ve decided to do on here, I’m now going to post updates from any tournaments I enter, as I’m trying to take fighting games (or at least certain ones of them) a little more seriously. Continue reading “Tournament Update | Mayamada Gamepad [02-09-17]”