Review | DOOM (2016)


I’ve always loved DOOM. I distinctly remember visiting a friend’s house when I was much younger and blasting my way through a variety of increasingly horrific monsters with increasingly ludicrous weapons, using the mouse and keyboard of a PC that could quite easily have crushed me to death. The game was an absolute thrill and, to me as a lowly console peasant (an accolade I still hold with pride), a technical and visual feat. The arguably simplistic aesthetic boasted incredibly in-depth and labyrinthine level design that never became less of a joy to explore even once I knew my way through. Furthermore, earlier this year I played through the original DOOM again with a friend on Xbox Arcade (I believe) and enjoyed it just as much. One thing I missed last year, and kind of regret now, was the revival of DOOM on console, which simply took the moniker of “DOOM”. I’ve recently finished the game on stream, but what did I think of it?