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So here we are at the end of 2017 and this has been undoubtedly an incredible (and occasionally dodgy) year for gaming. We have seen the indisputable return of Nintendo as a world power, the rise of the loot box with the fall of EA (again), and the spark of genius that was the first double-A game release. Needless to say, this has been a journey of a year. But, what would I consider to be my favourites out of the many releases we have seen?

A little clean up before I start this list off. Firstly, this will be a ranking of my Top Five in ascending order with the game at the bottom of the list being, essentially, my ultimate Game of 2017. Secondly, please remember that this is my personal list and therefore if you have your own thoughts please let me know in the comments or on Twitter, but as it is my list it cannot be (and is not) “wrong” by any definition of the word. Here we go …

Review | Metroid: Samus Returns


The Metroid franchise and Samus Aran have had a hard time in the last decade. The last true Metroid game was Other M on Nintendo Wii, which was (perhaps a little unfairly) much maligned by critics and fans alike. All we have been graced with since was an abominable not-Metroid game that barely passed as a game, let alone one of a fantastic pedigree of a franchise as this. So, imagine the joy of the fans when Nintendo unveiled (a loose usage) not one but two Metroid games. The first being Metroid Prime 4, of which we have seen nothing, the other being an initially fantastic-looking remake of Metroid 2: Return of Samus. With the latter of these now being released as Metroid: Samus Returns, and now that I’ve played through the game, how is it?

EGX 2017 | Nintendo Highlights


This article was originally posted on Nintendo Scene on 24th September 2017.

It’s that time of year again, when gamers of all ages descend upon Birmingham for the annual Eurogamer Expo. Nintendo were once again there in force, with tournaments and a large amount of new and upcoming games. Obviously Super Mario Odyssey made up the lion’s share of the floorspace devoted to the Big N, but what did I get up to at the event? As a short disclaimer before I start, I’ll only be talking about titles that I played or set out to find out more about, so there maybe other titles unmentioned here that were present that I missed.